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The Installation Procedure:
The installation procedure for The Fuel Energizer is very simple. "No Tools, Just Snap It On". You can do it yourself by following our instructions, or you can get your mechanic to fit it. Either way it should not take longer than 1 minute.
  • When installing the Fuel Energizer system on any vehicle it should be placed as close as possible to the carburetor fuel inlet pipe.
  • With vehicles that have a fuel injection system, the Fuel Energizer has to be installed as close as possible to the injectors.
  • With vehicles that have an electronic fuel injection system, placing of the Fuel Energizer as close as possible to the injectors will prevent the magnetic field created by the Super Conductors interfering with the electronic operating systems.
  • With installation on a V-Tec engine, we have found that the Fuel Management system is far enough away from the injectors so as not to be affected by the Super Conductors.

Not valid for India