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The "Golden Seven Steps Rule":

The way to ensure that you will gain the best results from The Fuel Energizer is by following the easy Golden Seven Steps mentioned below.

  1. Fully service your vehicle at the recommended service time.
  2. Clean your carburetor/injection system fully during service.
  3. Add a fuel additive to your fuel when filling to maximize on the fuel saving .
  4. Check your Engine oil level on a regular basis.
  5. Check your water level on a regular basis.
  6. Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis.
  7. Check the coolant level on a regular basis.

By following the Golden Seven Steps Rule you will find that your Fuel Energizer will start to SAVE MONEY straight away. If you do not wish to follow the above recommendation, you will find it will only take a little longer for the benefits of the Fuel Energizer to be felt. We have tested The Fuel Energizer and we have found that it can take up to 1,200km to reach the "savings goals", but by following the Seven Golden Step Rule you will find that the savings start straight away.

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