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How does The Fuel Energizer compare with a Catalytic Convertor?

  1. Most catalytic converters require air pumps to initiate catalysis. Air pumps steal power from the engine, reduce fuel economy and are costly to install when one compares such cost with the cost of the Fuel Energizer. The Fuel Energizer will improve fuel economy and performance.
  2. Catalytic converters require a certain temperature to be reached before they become operative. This temperature is usually achieved after 5 to 8 kilometers. As a cold catalytic converter does not work, exhaust fumes after starting the engine are equally as toxic as they would be if the catalytic converter was not fitted. The Fuel Energizer starts working immediately.
  3. The Fuel Energizer can easily be transferred from car to car, as long as it is within the same group e.g. petrol to petrol or diesel to diesel. A catalytic converter cannot.
  4. The cost of the Fuel Energizer is a fraction of the cost of a catalytic converter.
  5. Vehicles that use catalytic converters require unleaded petrol, but normal practice indicates that unleaded fuel is often carried in tankers that have previously been carrying leaded petrol. Even a trace of lead in un leaded fuel is enough to drastically reduce the effectiveness of a catalytic converter, which itself means that more toxic substances are released into the atmosphere than they would otherwise be. The Fuel Energizer works well with all types of petrol, as well as with diesel and LPG.
  6. Fuel is often adulterated in India, but the Fuel Energizer has been designed taking this into account.
  7. Catalytic converters have a finite lifetime under optimum conditions. In adverse conditions, for example where the fuel is often adulterated, the life of the catalytic converter is shortened. The Fuel Energizer is not so affected.
  8. The Fuel Energizer is a totally environmentally friendly product. The catalytic converter is not. Traces of oil that escape into the exhaust not only destroy the effect of the converter, but they are also the cause of a small amount of highly toxic chemical compounds such as prussic acid and platinum compounds which are released into the atmosphere.

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